23. august 2007 kl. 09:27


Endnu et udmærket homebrew program til PSP’en. (dog mest egnet til dem der ejer et IR tastatur)

Ændringer i 1.0.4:

  • New Search Channel menu with filter using regular expressions
  • New menu for user permissions management (modes, ban, kick etc …)
  • New options such as custom colors, distinct colors for each user and time stamp.
  • Add feature to run any custom scripts
  • Many server messages are now displayed with proper formatting.
  • New commands such as Banlist, Who and WhoIS
  • Display user permission in the user list
  • Display unread tab in tabs list (with ‘+’ flag)
  • Add flags (red color) to see unread tabs
  • Add option to write text like mIRC (beginning on bottom).
  • New commands in the Danzeff virtual keyboard
  • Add feature to retreive last input (useful when you want to enter the same kind of command several times)
  • Add startup script feature
  • Display right nickname in private channel
  • Name Resolver is now blocking (hope that will fix name resolution issue)
  • Fix in the save log file (no more blank lines)
  • Close all tabs before to disconnect
  • Add second space key for Targus (mapping file)
  • Bug fix & Code cleaning




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