17. august 2007 kl. 12:40

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Loki er et helt nyt Action/RPG til PC i den kendte HACK’N’SLASH genre fra folkende bag Pro Cycling Manager

Spillet har fået gode anmeldelser i bl.a. Tyskland og er kun at finde til PC

– An epic saga that takes the player through 4 great mythologies : Norse, Greek, Aztec and Egyptian. The player will take part in major historical/mythological events (siege of Troy, the fall of the Aztec empire, Ragnarok, ….) and will meet legendary figures (Achilles, Thor, …..)

– Play the game as one of 4 different hero(ine)s with radically different strengths and fighting styles. Worship different gods in order to take advantage of the more than 200 different skills.

– Fight against hundreds of enemies and monsters.

– Take-on great mythological beasts (Fenrir the wolf, Fafnir, the dragon, the Minotaur, Medusa, …)

– Never play the same game twice due to the random generation of levels.

– Customise weapons and armour by visiting the blacksmith’s forge. Disassemble and rebuild different weapons with new attributes and increase their magical powers with runes.

– Play the adventure with your friends as part of a group or take-on others in PvP mode inside a dedicated on-line arena or dice with death by taking-up one of the on-line challenges.

PC 319,- Kr

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