27. marts 2007 kl. 16:36

Ny version af AC3Filter til alle jer filmelskere 😉


  • AC3 loudness increased by +6dB. Now it matches loudness of other decoders. I was noted about this problem a long time ago, but I wanted to be sure what I’m doing, because new version produces overflow with LOTS of movies. I checked everything and found that it is not a bug of the decoder, but mastering issues. Other decoders also produce the same overflow at the same places. Therefore, new version works as it must work.
  • Some notes about how to handle these overflows you may read here: AC3 overflows in movies
  • Some Vista compatibility issues fixed (matrix editing works and gains are saved correctly). But problem with SPDIF output stays. I did some reseach and almost sure that problem is with sound card drivers.
  • A small issue with WMP fixed: sometimes it made 2 tray icons.




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