30. september 2008 kl. 13:37

Cabos gør det nemt at downloade fra Gnutella/LimeWire med dens iTunes design.


  • Updated French localization (thx! > Matthieu Parraccourci)
  • Upgraded LimeWire core to version 4.18.8 (requires Java 1.5)
  • Supported Mojito-DHT! (Better locates those rare files and makes it easier to resume stalled downloads. )
  • Supported 2TB large file
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed reading preferences
  • Fixed CPU priority (renice to low level)
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Cabos-0.8-Windows.msi (til Windows)
Cabos-0.8-MacOSX.dmg (til Mac)


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