4. august 2009 kl. 12:46


Seneste Dev release af Google Chrome.

Browseren ser også ud til at understøtte temaer, ligesom vi har set med Google.com/IG. Personligt kan jeg ikke se noget brugbart i dette 🙂



  • Crash fixes


  • Cursor no longer flickers over the omnibox and other editable controls.
  • Disconnecting a monitor and restarting Google Chrome no longer leaves windows off in space and impossible to access.


  • Google Chrome now respects the system font hinting/antialiasing setting.
  • Added a password manager dialog (Options -> Personal -> Show Saved Passwords).
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling a long page by dragging the scrollbar would lag significantly.
  • Dragging a tab off and dropping it puts the dropped window where you dropped it.


  • Trackpad scrolling on maps works again.
  • First stab at history menu.
  • Download shelf now has real download items.
  • Lots of polish bugs.


  • Introduce moles! These are a new extra area that can pop up above toolstrips.
  • Themes now work with –load-extension.
  • You can now reload extensions from a button on chrome://extensions.
  • Fix bug where bookmarks.getTree() doesn’t return any bookmarks.
  • Minimum auto-update frequency from command line is now 30 seconds.
  • (Re-)enable content scripts executing in isolated worlds.



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