8. august 2009 kl. 14:57


Seneste Dev udgivelse.


  • Crash fixes
  • Bug 2993: Fix tabs getting "stuck" to your mouse and dragged out when under system load [r22024].
  • Bug 60: Make downloads removable from download shelf and download list [r22138].
  • Bug 17697: Properly unescape past searches in the Omnibox dropdown [r22167].
  • Bug 3641: Setting Chrome as default browser on multiple accounts in Vista should work [r22282].
  • Tweaks for new New Tab Page [r22316], [r22320], [r22337], [r22388], [r22428].
  • Bug 8037: Use jumplists on Windows 7 [r22375].
  • Bug 9985, 18271: Fixes for proxy users [r22430].
  • Rich text editors can now remove <s>, <u> and <strike> tags [Webkit r46286].



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