25. juni 2009 kl. 15:28


Seneste beta af Google Chrome.


  • Mostly bug and crash fixes.
  • Linux: Fixed the browser crashing because of missing fonts. (Issue 13007)
  • Lots of progress filling in missing features on Mac and Linux. Random samples:
    • Linux: HTTP authentication now works. 
    • Linux: Render the contents of tabs while dragging.
    • Linux: You can import and export bookmarks. 
    • Mac: You can download more than one item in a tab.
    • Mac: A (preliminary) download shelf at the bottom of the window shows your downloads.
    • Mac: Added the Restore Closed Tabs item to the File menu.
  • The –enable-monitor-profile flag converts web pages from sRGB to your current default monitor profile. It does not handle embedded color profiles in images. (Issue 4938)
  • The ‘Print selection’ option on the Print dialog works on Windows. (Issue 1682)

Known issues:

  • You cannot drag bookmarklets (javascript: URLs) to the bookmarks bar. (Issue 12290)
  • When you install an extension, two separate toolstrips appear.  The problem will go away when you restart the browser. (Issue 14941)



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